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The Thrilling Adventures of Spain Rodriguez

In this first volume of a career spanning collection by the seminal underground cartoonist, autobiographical stories about running with a motorcycle gang are mixed in the adventures of Trashman―and much more.

Spain Rodriguez, a motorcycle outlaw and one of the original seven cartoonists who created Zap Comix, this is the first volume in a series celebrating the influential force in the underground movement. Spain's Trashman stories form the backbone of this volume, along with his firsthand accounts of riding with the Road Vultures Motorcycle Club (a gang once considered so dangerous that the police chief of Buffalo, New York, declared war on them) and his 1969 East Village Other series about cop corruption, Manning. This first volume is rounded with an informative, inside account of Spain’s life and loves in the emerging counterculture of New York’s Lower East Side. Black & white illustrations throughout.

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