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Belgian Lace From Hell

In this third and final volume showcasing underground comix’s most daring cartoonist, S. Clay Wilson surpasses all his previous accomplishments with new levels of unbridled audacity, exploring with a fine-honed finesse the clandestine cravings of both man and monster. Fifty years of artistic determination and transcendent vision carried him along an upward spiral that had yet to peak. Age did not mellow, nor time dull, his fantastical apparitions of demons, madness, and dazzling displays of malevolence. This book includes all his work from Zap Comix #12 through #15, stories published in the horror anthology Taboo, the three appearances of his outrageous race-bending character Meadows from Weirdo, illustrations for Grimm and Andersen fairy tales, as well as book jackets and album covers. Plus dozens of privately commissioned paintings including the Seven Deadly Sins (Just Say Yes!) and inner landscapes peopled with pirates, ogres, leprechauns, Cyclops, the Baby Jesus, and of course his favorite players, Captain Pissgums, Star-Eyed Stella, and the Checkered Demon. It also includes an even score of remarkably rendered paintings, both unpublished and virtually unseen, that he created between the 2006 publication of The Art of S. Clay Wilson and The Night the Lights Went Out in 2008, when Wilson’s career careened to an end.

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